Ice Maker Repair

Icemaker Repair

Can't cool your drinks on a scorching day due to a tweaking ice machine? You should probably call a reliable and professional repair service. Call NE Repair Company for top of the line appliance repair service in Kannapolis.

Major brand icemakers portable or not can be fixed the same day of calling. Antique models may require parts not on hand but the ability to restore them to proper functionality with our years of experience is no problem either.

Why isn't it working?

Any temperature above 0-5 F (-18 C) signifies the ice maker isn't working properly.

Before you make a call you may be wondering if a pro service is all that necessary. To tell you the truth, replacement is always better than repairs. Repairs especially those done for the first time by someone inexperienced tend to lead to more disaster than replacing a broken part.

The reasoning:

Someone with years of experience is going to do a job quicker and more efficiently than someone with average knowledge. Experts are familiar with tons of different types of cases, have the proper equipment on hand, know the schemata of the appliance to a better degree and what precautions are involved before fixing.

How to troubleshoot and repair common occurrences

Malfunctioning Ice Maker

The control arm changes position to signify a full ice bin which notifies the maker to stop making ice until some has been depleted. If it stays in this state or is moved by hand then that's a cause for concern.

The ice maker needs a proper water feeding system to work properly so make sure there's no debris in the filter or water line. The water inlet valve or door switch could be impeded/malfunctioning stops your maker from producing ice.

Cleaning these entrances and exits or replacing non-working parts will be the fix for most cases.


If you have leakage in your freezer or on the floor, it usually means your fridge isn't on a balanced surface. The supply line could be damaged too but if you're unsure then calling us to make an inspection would be your safest bet.

Ice looks funny or tastes off

The inlet valve, water filter or supply line might need fixing or replacing if your ice tastes strange or is oblong in shape. The dispensing apparatus also might be filled with some sort of goop which causes the weird taste.

The thermostat, ejecting motor, circuitry or mold heater are usually the culprits of weird ice ejections but some problems are a bit more multi-faceted than that.

DO I need to replace it?

If your filtered water and maintain your ice maker, it usually takes 5 years before maintenances are needed every so often. Sometimes it might just be a full-on replacement which will last a much longer time. Just call up NE Repair Company and we'll be ready to help at a moment's notice.