Brands We Repair

Appliance Brands that We Repair

No matter the make, model or brand, NE Repair Company has the solution to get your appliance up and running again. If you live in Kannapolis, NC, your appliance is in good hands. Here are some of the most popular brands that we service and repair.


GE has been in the appliance business for over one hundred years. They are known for inserting practical and useful features into their appliances that benefit the user. They are known for three lines or personalities of appliances: GO profile, MONOGRAM and CAFE Appliances. Each line has its unique style.


LG has a sterling reputation as one of the top-selling manufacturers in the world. LG appliances are known to be unmatched in reliability and are created using cutting-edge technology. Although they manufacture multiple household appliances, they excel with laundry appliances. Their kitchen appliances are a close second and are some of the least serviced brands out there.


Samsung is not just a powerhouse in the realm of electronics. They are also one of the top appliance manufacturers. An awesome feature is that they allow your Samsung devices to synchronize with your household appliances. Another asset of this brand is its aesthetics. They also manufacture refrigerators and washers with a larger capacity than any other out on the market. It's no wonder that they are one of the top appliance brands in the country.


Bosc specializes in kitchen appliances, specifically dishwashers. Besides selling excellent products, they excel in the realm of customer service and support. They are one of the top appliance manufacturers in the world, which is not surprising considering that they've been in business for over 150 years. They also integrate innovative features into their appliances that benefit your household.


Maytag is the one to beat when it comes to reliability and customer support. Each of their appliances comes with a ten-year warranty, which speaks volumes about their quality. Their products will last you many years and their laundry appliances, in particular, are considered some of the most dependable on the current market.


Consumer magazines have ranked Kenmore number one in the area of refrigerators. Their refrigerators are aesthetically pleasing, come with beneficial features and perform exceptionally. Although they don't manufacture most of their appliances in house, they sell every type of household appliance out there.


As you may have guessed, this brand excels in the area of refrigerators. They are simple, with easy to understand features and are incredibly economical. Their incredible price is the reason they are considered one of the top appliance brands out there. The reliability of their products has also been praised by Consumer Reports.


This brand is a branch of the kitchen appliance mogul, the Middleby. Over fifty percent of restaurants own Middleby products, which speaks to their high commercial quality. Due to their success, Middleby has provided Viking with their extensive resources, allowing them to manufacture some of the highest-quality domestic appliances on the market. Viking appliances are meant to last and perform as well as their commercial equivalents.

No matter the brand, if your appliances need servicing or repairs, call NE Repair Company and we can guarantee that we'll get them up and running again.